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Welcome to International Child Care Center!

As an employee of the International Child Care Center (also known as “ICCC”) you will be expected to exemplify excellence and quality of service and care.  ICCC is a model center of quality in childcare and education. By following the employee policies and procedures outlined in this handbook, you will be well on your way to meeting the goal of excellence and quality.  This handbook is a broad tool for conduct.  You will be oriented on more specific policy and procedures through our on-going professional development to help guide decision-making and best practices. 

Our Philosophy

With years of education along with experience we have designed our ICCC to offer a literacy-focused curriculum that prepares children for the next phase of their education.

Mission Statement

The mission of International Child Care Center is to provide a safe, nurturing, child centered, and quality educational environment that fosters a child’s individual success and a love of learning in collaboration with parents and the community. ICCC nurtures all children entrusted to our care in a warm and loving environment and to ensure that children will enter kindergarten more prepared to succeed.


We have prepared this Handbook to provide you with information about our policies and rules. Please set aside some time to become familiar with this Handbook. It will be extremely helpful in answering many questions that arise. We recognize, however, that no Handbook can answer every question. If you do not find an answer to a question you may have or if you would like a policy or procedure clarified, please feel free to ask any of the Directors on staff. We will be glad to provide an answer for you.

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